Congratulations! Dear Android user, you got a chance to win a prize!

Today, you were selected at random to take this survey and get a chance for iPhone11 Pro. Answer the questions below and proceed with confirmation!

You only have 2 Minute and 29 Seconds to take the survey

Hurry up, the number of prizes is limited! Seven other users have already received their prices!

Question 1 of 2: How old are you?


Question 2 of 2: Have you ever purchased any Apple product before?


Checking your answers...

You answered 2/2 questions...

Checking activity status of offer...

There are still gifts available!

You are pre-qualified for iPhone 11 Pro prize! Proceed with confirmation!


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Nicholas V Tan

Thought it was a joke, but I am shocked!!! I want to take more surveys!

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Amirah Hamzah

At first I thought it was a joke, but now I am sending this to my friends so they could get a lol too

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Axel Green

That's great! I have never won anything before!!!

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Martin Beers

I like such offers!

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Alli Beers

I just got a call that I won, I'm so happy!

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Ross Vermin

Participated 5 days in a row and finally won, thank you so much guys!

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